Get ready for Navigamus 2018!

From now on you have the opportunity to take part in smaller and bigger tasks which will carry you to the old China times and reveal the interesting facts about the time of life of Cheng Ho.

There will be 3-4 big tasks and you are supposed to fulfil them in a team of people who will participate in Navigamus in June 2018. Performing these tasks will also become useful during Navigamus 2018. There will be small tasks as well and you decide whether you fulfil them individually or in a team.

First of all, you need to choose a name for your team. Every task you send to us should be denoted by that name and you will need it for registration in June as well. These tasks will be assessed and all the materials such as photos, videos etc. will be presented within Navigamus 2018.

1st big task – Chinese food

Here comes your first big task! Whether you like cooking or not, we ask your team to cook a traditional Chinese dish and then eat it with chopsticks! Please document all the procedures from cooking to eating by taking photos or making a video and send it all along with your fabulous recipe to ous via email

1st small task

Write ( do not print) your name or nickname or the name of your team in Chinese. In case you do not have any Chinese friend to ask, use for example google translator ;-). Take a photo of the „picture“ and send it to us via email Don’t forget to mention the name of your team! Have fun!